A unique experience

The International Cricket Hall of Fame comprises of six themed exhibitions.

You will be fascinated by the story of cricket set against world history, captivated by the recent broadcasts from around the world, intrigued by the real Sir Donald Bradman, and inspired by the integrity of the greats of the game.

The Living Centre of Cricket

Purchase your all day entry ticket which allows you to come and go all day as you please. Browse through the gift store and check out the latest match scores from around the world.

Bradman Oval

New to cricket? Your first stop in The International Cricket Hall of Fame will get you acquainted with the basics of the game. On our interactive fielding table, position your players and have a game against your friends. Use the large touch-screens to try different batting strokes and bowling techniques. See how you compare against the game’s elite.

The Origins

This gallery traces the fascinating history of cricket from the 14th century. A major focus is the life and accomplishments of Sir Donald Bradman, the greatest batsman of all time. Most know about his extraordinary cricket career, but you’ll be interested to learn more about Sir Donald the man: his life values, role as a successful businessman, cricket administrator, husband, father and national icon.

Greats of the Game

Everyone has their favourite cricketer. But you might change your mind after immersing yourself in this showcase of the character strengths that defined the success of the greats of the game. Using memorabilia, photos, statistics and on-demand audio and visual footage, you can review the best players of all time, from all eras. Will your choice be Ricky Ponting, Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara or …

Bradman Gallery

Discover the life and accomplishments of Sir Donald Bradman, the greatest batsman of all time. See his very first bat, baggy green and an interactive letter trail. Can you emulate Bradman’s training technique of hitting a ball against a water tank with a stump?

There’s always more

When you visit The International Cricket Hall of Fame you will experience the rich history of the noble game through cutting edge technology. Stage two has begun and we are now researching the Science of Cricket for a wonderful new exhibit. We are always adding MORE to the museum to add to your cricketing knowledge. Come and see Michael Clarke’s gloves from his awesome 329-NOT-OUT!

The World of Cricket

Every minute of every day, somewhere in the world, cricket is being played right now. From village wickets of England to the crowded pitches of Mumbai, the World of Cricket uses the power of the world wide web to map out the global reach of the noble game.

Kids Backyard

We’ll see you here soon . . . The backyard is where our relationship with cricket often starts!ideal for kids, you can try on some cricket gear and see how a stump cam works!

The Game

Understand the elements of The Game – the team, the spirit, the field and the people involved. Use the large touch screens to view different batting strokes and bowling techniques, play on the interactive fielding table and position your player strategically to win the game.

Cricket Through the Eras

Five massive and striking monolith screens, all ordered by era, tell the story of cricket and explore why this great game remains important to millions of people around the world. Combined with touch screens and unique objects, the time lines and footage place the development of cricket in the context of global events.

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The International Cricket Hall of Fame will be opening on the 29th November 2010.

Please look around the website to find out about this exciting new cricketing experience.

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