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161021-Mark-and-studentsThe Bradman Centre Education Program focuses on the advancement of youth and have engaged specialist to tailor your visit to supports your curriculum outcomes. The Museum incorporates innovative and interactive displays designed to motivate, inspire and engage all stages of learning culminating in a lively skills session on the iconic Bradman Oval.

We share a deep commitment to passing on knowledge and appreciation of Australian history and its’ cricket heritage to future generations through our educational exhibits, primary resources and guided tours for school groups.

Each program fulfils outcomes from the Australian and BOSTES school syllabus utilising our incredible collection of memorabilia from all eras of the game, fascinating stories, hands on activities and interactive discussion to engage students

Located halfway between Sydney and Canberra, the Bradman Centre is the ideal location for your school excursion. The fabulous amenities here at the Bradman Centre cater to all Key Learning Areas and students of all ages. Our facilities include lunch packages and disabilities amenities.

The Bradman Centre visit encourages values such as leadership, resilience, endurance, and integrity. These are the values by which Sir Donald Bradman lived his life.

If your school is interested in a visit to the Bradman Centre as an extension of your classroom program please contact Mark at [email protected].

A Visit to the Bradman Centre

In the time available, the best use of our resources allow for 4 main aspects to your visit:

161021-Mark-and-students02Theatrette – Inside the Bradman Centre we will examine archival footage and pictures related to key aspects of your topic using the big screen.
161021-Jock-with-studentsBradman Oval – Outdoor activities of all-inclusive skills, modified games and activities are run by our accredited sports officer, level 2 cricket coach, Jock McIllhatton.
161021-David-Wells-with-studentsWorkshop – Using historical items from the Bradman Foundation Trust Collection, museum curator David Wells will display and discuss items relevant to your visit and topic of study.
161021-Discovery-TrailMuseum Discovery Trail – With the help of an experienced guide, the students will get the opportunity to explore the Museum while answering questions relevant to the educational outcomes discussed.

If your school is interested in a visit to the Bradman Centre as an extension of your classroom program please contact Mark at [email protected].

New Programs Available

161021-Book-Our-Don-BradmanOUR DON BRADMAN
Bradman Education is now offering a new school visitation experience based on the book Our Don Bradman by journalist and author Peter Allen. As part of this program, which includes displays and demonstrations of unique memorabilia of the time, The Bradman Centre was delighted to have Peter visit the museum in June to talk to a group of year 6 students about his book.This truly is a wonderful book describing the unfolding of various key events in Australia’s history in a unique and entertaining way.

If your school is interested in a visit to the Bradman Centre as an extension of your classroom program please contact Mark at [email protected].

161021-CNSW-Teacher-ResourceBRADMAN BY THE NUMBERS
This mathematics unit is part of the Cricket Australia Cricketsmart school Education Program.It requires students to analyse the cricketing statistics of a sporting great, Sir Donald Bradman. Students will learn how mathematics plays a vital role in analysing and interpreting statistics which help to measure the greatness of a sporting hero.

As an extension of this unit, our program here at the Bradman Centre brings to life the stories behind the numbers with practical demonstrations and displays of unique historical memorabilia and footage.

If your school is interested in a visit to the Bradman Centre as an extension of this Cricketsmart classroom program please contact Mark at [email protected].

The International Cricket Hall of Fame offers tailored group bookings to both school groups and public groups of 15 or more people.


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Educational Programmes are available for every stage!

The Bradman Foundation charter focuses on the education and advancement of youth, and we are mindful of ways to tailor your visit so that it supports your curriculum objectives.

Contact Mark for further information
P: (02) 4862 1247
[email protected]

The Bradman Museum & International Cricket Hall of Fame isn’t just about cricket! Our aim is to develop a positive attitude towards the cultural experience of visiting a museum. We have programs that span Early Stage 1 through to Stage 6. The Key Learning Areas covered are far more than Physical Education and History. We look at things like the science of a cricket ball, geography, and information technology. Give Mark a call on (02) 4862 1247 or email [email protected].

Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea prices are available.

The Bradman Centre has just introduced a new education program
Our Don Bradman: Historical Inquiry

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Organised Group Tours & Self Guided Visits

If your group has 15 people or more, we can tailor a tour to match the interests of your group, including a personal tour guide, and reduce the entry fee.

As we are located about half-way between Sydney and Canberra, The International Hall of Fame is the ideal stop-over for Tours and Social Clubs.

We can organise morning and afternoon teas, or a light lunch, which your group can enjoy in the Pavillion overlooking Bradman Oval and up towards Mt Gibralter.

To enjoy these benefits, bookings are essential. Please contact us by [email protected], phone (02) 4862 1247 or fax (02) 4861 2536.

Hire Cost quoted is exclusive of GST.

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